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Group of companies “DIAKON” is a leader on the Russian market of in vitro diagnostic (IVD).

JSC “DIAKON” was formed in 1995 in a scientific town Pushchino, Moscow region, by the research employees of the Russian Academy of Biological Sciences.

Due to the fast and successfully developing business, DIAKON has formed a group of companies that fulfills the growing need of high quality reagents of Russian manufacture to the laboratory service, and induces into the Russian healthcare practices world’s innovative laboratory diagnostics technologies.

Group of companies “DIAKON”,

·         employs over 300 high qualified specialists that have degrees in their professional fields.

·         has warehouses, laboratories, offices and a manufacturing company that are located on more than 5200 sq. meters of its own land.

·         supplies products all over the Russian Federation, which are used in a quarter of Russia’s clinics and laboratories. 

·         is the largest supplier for IVD market, as yearly ships over 120 tones of reagents for clinical chemistry, 100 tones of reagents for hematology,
          10 000 sets for express diagnostics, also instruments and disposable materials for diverse areas of laboratory medicine.

In current conditions of the Russian healthcare system modernization the main government’s focus goes into the centralization of all laboratory diagnostics, which is a global trend. This means that the majority of all clinical tests would be carried out in central laboratories. Group of companies "DIAKON" is ready to offer all the experience and knowledge in IVD field in order to actively participate in the formation of the Russian modern centralization laboratory diagnostics system, as offers a wide range of solutions for biomaterial collections, POCT diagnosis, clinical chemistry diagnostics, hematology, coagulation, immunological studies, urinary analysis, blood gas analysis, electrolyte analysis, and implements an overall integration of laboratory processes in LIS.

The manufacturing company JSC “DIAKON-DS” is a well recognized leader in the field of medical IVD reagent manufacture. JSC “DIAKON-DS” strives to produce high quality diagnostic reagents for modern medico-clinical diagnostic laboratories. The company has a strong scientific and technological potential, with all the top laboratory facilities that leads to development and production of new outstanding IVD reagents using its own manufacturing technologies.

·         Currently the JSC “DIAKON-DS” produces over 70 variations of reagent sets for over 30 clinical parameters using complete production cycle technologies.

·         At every stage of the manufacturing process a firm quality control is carried out that guaranty an output of high quality products at an international level.

·         JSC “DIAKON-DS” has a certified quality management system that follows international and Russian standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.
          The whole range of products also has a CE mark.

To summarize, group of companies “DIAKON” is a modern, diversified, highly technological company with over 300 qualified staff, high manufacturing standards, own research base for new developments and product improvements, which will become a treasured candidate for building a long term business partnership.

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